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‘Chart a Course for the Future’

‘Chart a Course for the Future’

SAN DIEGO - The diocese needs to find new ways to make young Latinos feel at home in the Church. Clergy should be more accessible to their Latino parishioners. All ministry leaders need recurring leadership training. ...
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A Bird’s-Eye View (Photo/Will Cornejo)

A Bird’s-Eye View

Approximately 160 people who gathered at the diocesan Pastoral Center Oct. 24 to celebrate Pope Francis’ encyclical on environmental stewardship.
Campo Santo (CNS photo/Kevin Eckery)

Campo Santo

El obispo Robert McElroy y el diácono William Clarke participaron en una ceremonia 31 de octubre dónde se legó el terreno del panteón y una iglesia a la Aldea.
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The World's Finest

The World's Finest

Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman get ready to rumble with Steppenwolf (no, not the 70s band) in a scene from The Justice League. Rated PG-13.

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